The Chelyabinsk Magic Sisters from Visotsky Consulting invite Marc de Turck as guest speaker on a anti-crisis training.

16 августа 2015   •   no comments   
Chelyabinsk, Ural, Russia August 13 and 14 Hotel Meridian.

Midst the metallurgic industry, the 2 Magic sisters from the local Visotsky Consulting decided to invite Marc de Turck as guest speaker to bring energy and dynamism into the business community.

40 managers from different  industries — but mostly from metallurgy — attend the 2 days seminar.
Some come from a bit further away — UFA and Nizny Novgrod.

All went back home with a clear, practical plan and with renewed energy.

Positive results are expected in the coming weeks.

More info on seminars of Marc de Turck at

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