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Bulgarian Business People in search of a Blue Ocean

21 августа 2017   •   Newsletter   •   no comments   
Bulgarian Business People in search of a Blue Ocean

Today’s business people in Europe are confronted with harsh competition, as if they where swimming in a bloody ocean full of sharks.
Many business people confirm trying to survive this price war and technology war.

Model answers such as being more efficient or investing in new technologies in the hope to reduce price or to have a technological competitive advantage face inadequacy because those answers are basically reactions to the outside market, reactions on the competition.   Most companies react on the competition with increasing efficiency to reduce price. But there will always be one Asian person making things cheaper. Others invest heavily in technology . read more

3 main tools in resolving company problems

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Todays turbulent world makes it hard for company collaborators to easily understand each other’s tasks, purposes, responsibilities.
This is especially true between the sales and production people.


Misunderstanding reflects inside and outside the company and eventually brings about less growth and prosperity.

This was also one of the challenges which one of our clients faced.

That is why the General Manager of Eltrade (Big Cash register company in Bulgaria) insisted on an internal and external  communication seminar to be held to ALL his staff.




IDEAS FreeBoss was invited to deliver a 2 day seminar on internal and external communication and understanding.

Marc J. de Turck stressed on the 3 elements of understanding, Affinity, Reality and Communication (based on the works of L.R.Hubbard).
He stressed the attention on the emotions and what some call  emotional intelligence in understanding and communicating.

The results are already visible in the team.

Want to know more about our seminar on understanding: click here



International conference of cosmetologists invites Marc de Turck in Borovetz, Bulgaria as speaker

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Saturday, June 5th 2016. Borovetz, Bulgaria.
Like every year, also this year, the International Conference of Cosmetologists invited Marc de Turck as one of the Guest speakers.

Marc talked about the fastest way to power using formula’s proven in business life.

More than 80 people attended

View the video on the conference here:

More info on our solutions: http://www.freeboss.eu