How To Put In Action The Law Of Attraction

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How to put in action the law of attraction in your life?

If you think that by focusing on the negative things and by negative things I mean things you do not want in your life or things you are afraid of happen in your life, then you absolutely will attract this negative things.So put your focus on the positive, on the things you want to achieve, on the things you want to happen. This will help you to find solutions to make them happen. If you are focusing on the negative, how can you see the solutions. But what if your focus is on the positive things, the energy will go there and you will have it. Same with the negative.

The simplicity of that is that your thoughts generate energy which generate actions in your life. So if you have negative thoughts you will use negative energy to create negative actions which will put in the physical universe negative consequences in you life.

The same is with «What if I fail?» , you better start thinking «What if I win?»

If you put positive energy with positive thoughts, you became more enthusiastic and more confident. So the more you do this, the more confident you become and the more positive effect you can create. You will become more happy and you will fill that you have more control in your life. And everything will become easier.

by Nevena Topalova

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